Challenges to Bisexual Relationships


challengeA lot of bisexuals are experiencing mental and physical health complications, which arise from lack of acceptance, limited support, and conflux of invisibility. Their romantic and sexual relationships are also impacted by the same challenges. Societal insistence, which insists that one must be straight or gay leads bisexuals to question or have doubt about their attractions to both genders and results in the efforts to claim a heterosexual or singular homosexual identity. Due to lack of supportive community, bisexual people might be maintaining and developing bisexual identity in isolation.

In a study of a bisexual community last 2005 in Ontario, Canada, it was explained that bisexual relationships face some concerns and challenges. One of these is that bisexuals tend to negotiate on how to come out to their potential partners or partners. Bisexuals also have to learn the ways to relate to other genders when it comes to sex and relationships. The difficulty in finding understanding and supportive partners is also a challenge sometimes. The challenge and importance of maintaining bisexual identities while in a relationship can be tough.

When it comes to relationships with men, bisexual women reported that their partners expected them to be threesomes with another woman and perceived that bisexuality is somewhat a treat to their masculinity. In addition to that, bisexual women discuss the consistent difficulties in dating lesbian women because of the resentment in the community of lesbian and the pressure to determine as a lesbian while having a relationship with a female. On contrary, bisexual men who are in relationships with women were described that the efforts of their partners are to be supportive yet finding it hard because of their self-esteem and identity.

Uncertainty regarding romantic relationships is frequently the impetus for mental health treatment. But, when engaged in a therapeutic relationship, some problems are examined including a lack of access and social isolation to social support. Some issues also involve lack of role models, self-harm ideation, depression and anxiety, coming out process, and identity development. Sexual safety and health are also some concerns. Whenever asked what education or information providers must have bisexuals and bisexuality, the study participants stated that the most crucial thing was for them to know that they exist and that being bisexual is a legitimate and real sexual identity and not a transitional phase.

Unluckily, there’s a paucity of the treatment providers knowledgeable regarding bisexual problems. Even the programs that pride themselves as competent when working with LGBT individuals have a bit expertise with the bisexuals and they get treatment protocols that are tailored for gay men and lesbian women. The most obvious thing is that there’s an overlap in such demographics, yet bisexuals have some issues and problems not experienced by gay men and lesbian women. As the report summarized, the services made for lesbian and gay people often leave bisexual individuals feeling as though nobody knows what to do with everyone. More research is also needed about the needs of this population.


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