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Reviews of The Best Bisexual Dating Sites (UPDATED Jan. 2022)

Now more than ever, people are starting to open up to the idea of bisexuality and homosexuality. Sadly, this change still remains a bit insignificant. A big portion of today’s population still remains skeptical about the whole idea of bisexual dating because of the different myths that surround it. But, if you want to explore this particular segment of dating, is the perfect place where you will get to meet the people who will open up your mind to this whole idea of modern dating.

Whether you are looking for new friends, companions, or the ultimate love of your life, you have come to the right place. If you are after true love, finding the best bisexual dating sites is definitely the perfect option you’ve got. Read the reviews of the 5 best dating sites for bisexual women, bisexual men, bisexual couples, bi-curious and bisexual singles.

Bi Cupid

#1 Bi Cupid 5 stars

BiCupid is the first ever, the biggest, most effective, and most secure dating website made for all bisexuals, bi couples, and bi curious singles. The website has been especially designed to help bi curious individuals and bisexuals alike to find other open-minded and sexy couples and singles who would like to explore their true sexuality. This is also the perfect platform where they can chat, hookup, and so much more. On top of that, is also packed with lots of exciting features to make it easier for its members to look for love and intimate relationships.

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Pick Cupid

#2 Pink Cupid 5 stars is one of the premiere dating websites made for lesbians to help thousands of lesbian singles all over the world find their ideal partner. With its large community of lesbians online, the website has become among the most trusted places where women can connect with fellow women, get to know friends better, or if lucky, this is also the right platform to love and be loved. Since it was launched back in 2006, has continuously been connecting women with other women no matter where they are in the world as they are committed to give the right assistance.

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City Bi

#3 City Bi 4 stars serves as a great hub where you can get the chance to meet interested couples and other bisexuals through personal connections online. Once you have registered and created your own profile for free, you can start browsing right away to find the friends and potential lovers you are looking for. takes pride in creating a wonderful community for bi curious and bisexual singles. They site respects all its members and the choices they make, so they see to it that everyone is protected and secure the moment they sign up at the platform.

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Bisexual Playground

#4 Bisexual Playground 4 stars is a one of a kind online dating community composed of bisexual, open-minded, and bi curious singles and couples. Boasting of a large membership base of 827,611 members that continue to grow by the day, you can be sure that there will be someone at that you can hook up and chat with anytime. The website also serves as a comforting home to many lesbians, gays, bi curious, bisexuals, and anyone who is open to new things. The website is also composed of chat rooms, forums, and other exciting features that can help you make the most out of the time you spend on it.

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Bi Finder

#5 Bi Finder 3 stars

As one of the most trusted online communities dedicated to bi matchmaking and dating, brings together bi women and other bi curious singles who are searching for friendship, romance, as well as lasting relationships. Whether you just want to have fun, relax, and enjoy, or you are serious about finding the one for you, is something that opens its doors for all bi singles out there who are hoping to find the love and acceptance that they need and deserve. With a quick sign up process, there is simply no stopping you to explore what this unique dating website has to offer.

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Why Bisexual Singles Need to Use Online Dating Sites for Bisexual Dating

Are you a bisexual single who is looking for best Bisexual Dating Sites online? Then you have come to right place to find all useful information that you need to know before start dating a bisexual person. There used to be a situation where bisexuality is not even considered as a legal sexual coordination. With the passing of time people started realizing that even Bisexual Singles are like-minded people who want to share their sexual feeling genuinely without any restrictions

Conventional sites VS Bisexual sites

Bisexual Dating sites have completely removed the hardship that conventional dating sites used to face. It is created a platform to connect Bisexual Singles around the globe without actually having to express their sexual preference and sexuality. It is not a gigantic task to find people with similar interest and domination here. The more you connect the more people you find.

In a conventional dating site, it is very difficult to move as a bisexual woman or bisexual man alone as choices are very less and a countable number of transgender, lesbian and gay people available.

Advantages of using Bisexual dating sites

  • It is the number of people that always matters to build a healthy network and any top-ranked bisexual dating site has that platform to connect you with not less than 10,00,000 people.
  • Improved privacy policy: Personal information is the basic need of any bisexual dating site and it is the responsibility of service provider to safeguard all your personal information. With the advanced privacy policy in place, you need not worry about your personal data and misuse of it for any other purposes.
  • Save money and time: People used to go for dating at a reputed coffee shop or a restaurant to impress their soul mate. With the advent of online dating sites, people want to save money as well as time. While time is precious for everyone, money is the need of the hour. With instant messaging and emailing people are getting connected very easily than before. Some advanced sites even offer online calling and video chatting facilities so that members can feel more visual interaction thus making their involvement to a new level possible.

Bisexual dating is a new revolution in dating

With more number of Bisexual Singles opting for online dating, it’s a new revolution in dating world. With the countless number of people, free online services and discounts it’s definitely a win-win possibility for any bisexual single. Get the type of men or women who match your wavelength at the easiest way possible.

Most of the dating sites offer packages ranging from free 15 days trial to yearly packages as per your need. If you are a premium subscriber then you have lot more options to enjoy than a normal or a free user. They not only help you to find the right person but also assist you with right dating and sex advice. To get hitched with right qualified, lovable and true companion it is always advised to get dating services from any reputed service provider. Why don’t you get started right away and stop waiting to find your soul mate?


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