Bisexual Dating Tips for All Bisexuals

bicupid is Now Targets Threesome & BDSM Dating Fields

BY: • 7/17/20

Why should you settle for the same old traditional dating and sexual experience when there is always the chance to try out something new? For sure, you know how traditional dating can get a bit dull and boring. Even the typical hookup dating websites and apps tend to be unimaginative and tedious. (read more)

Bisexual men dating

Gay Dating Site vs. Bisexual Dating Site: Which is Better for Bisexual Men?

BY: • 2/7/20

Today, meeting a cute man no longer requires you to visit the nearest classy club or spend the night away in a jam-packed bar. All you need to do now to find love or casual hookup from the comforts of your own home is to visit gay dating sites and bisexual dating sites. (read more)

bi dating

Best Bisexual Dating Apps for Bisexual Friends

BY: • 4/4/19

Bicupid app is made with the purpose of helping people find bisexual partners and friends. Bicupid is composed of over 1.3 million members that include bisexual singles and couples who are searching for or interested in bisexual dating. The app has a lot of unique features that you can use for free so that you can turn your polyamourous dating dreams into reality.(read more)

The Bi Life

Can "The Bi Life" Really Help Bisexuals Find Love?

BY: • 2/13/19

The Bi Life is basically a British dating TV reality program, which features bisexual individuals exploring Barcelona while getting dating support and advice from one another as well as host Courtney Act. This TV show has been renowned in media to promote bisexual visbility.(read more)

bisexual women

Online Bisexual Dating Sites Can Help You Find Bisexual Women

BY: • 9/18/18

Just several years ago, the idea of bisexuality was not regarded as legitimate. But, things changed and people have now started to consider the bisexual community as something authentic. However, there are still thousands of bisexuals who fail to meet and find their companion mainly because of their culture or shyness. Good thing that online bisexual dating sites are now here to the rescue of those who are looking for bisexual women.(read more)

bisexual resources

4 Resources for Bisexual People

BY: • 6/8/18 is the project whose purpose is to introduce the bisexual community to the rest of the world. Through this site, they hope that the bisexual community will have its own voice. This website also answers questions, shares accurate information, and provides more resources to help people learn and discover more about bisexuals.(read more)

lesbian dating sites

Best Lesbian Dating Websites and Apps

BY: • 3/14/18

Pink Cupid is an online dating platform where lesbians can connect with and meet other lesbians in the easiest and most convenient way possible. The lesbian community is the same with other dating websites in many ways, but what makes Pink Cupid different is that all of its members are seriously searching for their partner who they will be spending the rest of their lives with.(read more)


Challenges to Bisexual Relationships

BY: • 1/27/18

lot of bisexuals are experiencing mental and physical health complications, which arise from lack of acceptance, limited support, and conflux of invisibility. Their romantic and sexual relationships are also impacted by the same challenges. (read more)

How to Choose

Tips on How to Choose the Right Bisexual Dating Sites?

BY: • 7/11/17

Bisexuals aren’t a miniscule minority. As a matter of fact, they’re quite a huge group. A proof of this is big numbers of the exclusive dating websites for those who are interested in bisexual dating only. As its name suggests, bisexual dating websites connect bisexuals from across the globe. (read more)


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