Can "The Bi Life" Really Help Bisexuals Find Love?


The Bi LifeThe Bi Life is basically a British dating TV reality program, which features bisexual individuals exploring Barcelona while getting dating support and advice from one another as well as host Courtney Act. This TV show has been renowned in media to promote bisexual visbility.

The Bi Life is the first reality bisexual dating show in UK. This ten-part series will see the cast party and live together, following each dating experience. It is set to show the group dating individuals of different genders and sexualities.

The Bi Life is relevant these days. The community of bisexual people is the biggest percentage of LGBT community, yet it is the least visible. This is why The Bi Life stands out among some reality dating shows. But, according to its host, there is really no competition. There is no prize because it is only a group of bisexual individuals living in a particular villa in Barcelona. They go on dates with some people outside the villa and there is something about that seems very refreshing. That is why you will be really interested with the journeys of bisexuals.

The Bi Life is more like a love story from your high school days. There is something for everybody. The straight individuals would see those who are going on various sex dates and gay people going on same-sex dates. It is like a middle ground for the world’s monosexuals.

In the world of LGBT, there’s stigma against bisexual people. Most gay men use bisexual as transitionary sexuality on their way to calling themselves as gay. They are not seeing somebody else’s experience through another lens. So, many bisexuals are confused.

For some gay and lesbian people, particularly who are in 30s, they grew up in the world where they needed to be binary. They need to be them and they have to be where they stood in the world where straight people are only accepted. With The Bi Life, UK bisexuals will get the support network they need. They feel like they are double agents and there’s less visibility for them. But, since the reality program showed something that bisexuals can relate to, most of them are now open-minded and willing to discover more about themselves.

Generally, being bisexual does not only mean that you are attracted to women and men 50/50. It could mean that you are attracted to people with your gender, various genders from you but not necessarily simultaneously and not the same way or same degree. People who don’t understand the life of a bisexual will know more about the real case or situation of being bisexual. That is the reason why there is a huge possibility that you will be able to find a date by watching The Bi Life.

If you are still in the middle of being confused with your gender because you are bisexual, spend some time watching The Bi Life. It might be a good way for you to find the love you deserve.


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