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Bisexual.org is the project whose purpose is to introduce the bisexual community to the rest of the world. Through this site, they hope that the bisexual community will have its own voice. This website also answers questions, shares accurate information, and provides more resources to help people learn and discover more about bisexuals.

Bisexual.org has a special page called Faces of Bisexuality which introduces the site visitors to many bisexuals from all over the world sharing their own stories and chiming in with answers to the frequently asked questions. Bisexual.org hopes that the website will serve as a valuable resource for bisexuality, whether your goal is to learn more about your sexuality, or you want to understand a loved one better, or you are just interested to learn.


Biresource.org dreams of seeing a world where love is being celebrated in spite of gender expression or sexual orientation. Since bisexuals are still being discriminated, marginalized, and misunderstood up to this day and age, the website commits itself to offering support to the modern bisexual community and raising the awareness of the public when it comes to bisexual people and bisexuality.

The site uses bi+ and bisexual as the umbrella terms for the people who honor and recognize their potential for emotional and sexual attraction to not just a single gender, including queer, omnisexual, fluid, pansexual, and the rest of the free-identifiers. They affirm and celebrate the diversity of expression and identify no matter what their labels might be. They hope that the resource will change the way people look at bisexuals.


As the oldest advocacy organization in America for pansexual, bisexual, unlabeled people, and queer-identified, BiNet USA helps the development of the cohesive network of independent bi-friendly and bisexual communities, promotes bi-inclusive and bisexual visibility, and distributes and collects educational information about gender identity and sexual orientation with an emphasis on queer or bi, fluid, pansexual communities.

Bisexuals were part of the modern Gay and Lesbian Rights as well as Liberation Movement in the mid-1960s. For some reasons, bisexuals have organized separately while continuing to be active in lesbian, gay, and some progressive movements. Throughout the 1970s, while press articles concentrated on bisexual chic in the club scenes and among the celebrities including Patti Smith, David Bowie, and Elton John, there were bisexual groups that were formed in some big cities of the US signaling the birth of modern bisexual liberation movement and civil rights.


LGBTChat.net is a well-designed forum and community open to all LGBT members. If you are a bisexual and want to know more about the experiences of other bisexual people, this is the place you want to be in. With its growing number of members daily, you can be assured that your concerns or some random questions you have in mind will be answered. All you have to do is join LGBTChat.net and make most of your experience. You can also donate $5 to help you keep the website running smoothly and get rid of the ads for life.


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